Jan 132014
Writing Tips

Writing Projects on Outsourcing Sites Outsourcing sites offer writing opportunities of every possible type. It is usually the way the writing is used that is different, rather than what is written. Also many of the writing projects are ghost writing projects where writers give your employers full copyright to use the material however they wish. […]

Jan 122014
How to Write Job Proposals

Compile a Compelling Proposal for Online Jobs Writing job proposals for potential employers who have posted projects on outsourcing sites is a very similar process to writing job proposals for any other new prospective employers. The most important factor involves selling your skills and convincing the employer that you are the best person for the […]

Jan 092014
Establish a Good Reputation

How to Establish a Good Reputation on Outsourcing Sites Newcomers to outsourcing sites may be forgiven for being intimidated if they have never tried to get work this way before. It can be especially difficult if that person doesn’t have a lot of experience freelancing. But it is essential to establish a good reputation, particularly […]

Jan 062014
Bidding for Jobs

Bidding for Projects on Outsourcing Sites Once you have registered with an outsourcing site and set up some sort of profile, you’re ready to start bidding for jobs. Finding jobs to bid on is really easy, and the principle is exactly the same with all the sites. Basically all you do is browse the jobs […]

Jan 052014
Make Money Outsourcing

How Much Money Can You Make from Outsourcing Sites? It is possible to make a substantial amount of money online writing for employers who have registered with outsourcing sites. The amount you can make, however, depends on the type of jobs you bid for and your level of bidding success. It also depends on how […]

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Jan 042014
Outsourcing Your Writing

How Freelance Writers Can Benefit from Outsourcing Websites Not long ago freelance writers were limited to working either with publishers, various advertising or public relations agencies, or with businesses that needed specific writing work done. Unless they had previously worked for the company concerned, most writers needed to identify a need for the kind of […]