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  1. Dear Ms Swift,

    Thank you for your interesting article about the study of Chalder et al. in The Lancet and the reaction of Prof. VanNess on it:

    We, ME-gids (English ME-Guide), are a Dutch voluntary initiative with an informative and interactive website about the debilitating disease ME(cfs), run by and for ME(cfs) patients.
    We’d like to ask permission to put a Dutch translation of your interesting article on our website to spread the word, of course with full copyright citation.

    We thank you and we look forward to your positive response,


    ME-Guide Team

    1. Sorry I missed this mail Anne. Yes of course you may add a translation of my article to your web site – with a link to mine please. And it would be good to get the link to yours. Thanks

  2. Hi there Penny

    I could not find the exact information on the NHBRC site, ( I may if I keep searching )

    You seem to know an awful lot about the topics.

    We are planning to build a house in Knysna. My husband is an architect who has done a housing developement a few years ago, but was never registered as all the units were cash transactions.

    I believe that all owner builders must also now register, how does he go about it. He does not want to be exempted, as we may want to sell within 5 years, and build more houses.

    I will appreciate any information, Regards

  3. Hi dear Penny Swift,

    An apartment had a bathroom waste and damaged neighbour apartment according with leaking detection company.

    I would like to know according with South African regulations, is it construction structure problems and to be solved by corporate board or it is fault of the to owner of the apartment?

    Isnt it supposed that when they build the complex to ensure that they use the appropriate material to protect one unit to another?

    Thank you

  4. Hi Penny

    Please can you advise where in Gauteng I can buy a copy of your book “Owner Building in South Africa?”


  5. HI Penny.

    I have just read your article on the Paardeberg accident of 15 October 1951 with great interest. My father was on that flight.

    Many thanks.

    Garrick Philp

  6. Good Day

    I signed a OTP with a very trusted estate agent AIDA in Boksburg for a property selling for R1,550,000.00. I asked the agent about the plans and she said they have the approved municipality plans and they will give it to me in a week. Trusting the AIDA as the old estate agent I signed the OTP without seeing the approved plans and the clause was not part of it.

    When the plans came they were not the same as the house , the house had alterations to it and were not submitted to the Municipality for approval and the last approved plans were done in 1970. The owner is refusing to update the house plans with the Municipality saying “ its unnecessary and waste of time I must get my own building inspector to check the alterations and pay it from pocket”.

    Now the attorneys and agent are insisting that I continue buying the house even though it doesn’t have up to date approved plans because I signed the OTP.
    Are the attorneys and estates agents allowed to sell and register houses that doesn’t have Municipality approved plans?

    Your assistance will highly be appreciated.

    Kind Regards

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