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The Real Meal Revolution [Video]

The Real Meal Revolution
Photo: City Press

Eating a low-fat diet that is high in carbohydrates will not prevent you from having a heart attack. In fact you are less likely to suffer from heart disease if you eat lots of fat – provided it is the right type of fat.

This is the gospel of a team of South Africans headed by sometimes controversial Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Cape Town, Tim Noakes, who has popularized the idea of a real meal revolution. This, though until relatively recently promoted a diet high in carbohydrates, especially for athletes. Now Noakes has done a total turnaround and is sharing his new approach with as many people as possible. His tool (so to speak) is a new cookbook called The Real Meal Revolution (Quivertree Publications).

In an interview (which you can listen to in the video if you continue reading) he says that their intention is to “change the world, one meal at a time.”  Read more…


Homeland Star Claire Danes Spotted in Cape Town Shooting for Season Four

Claire DanesAward-winning American actress, Claire Danes has been spotted in Cape Town, South Africa, where shooting for Season Four of Homeland has begun. The hugely successful show’s lead actress, she’s been seen on set, lunching out, shopping, and doing yoga, by a number of fans that were eager to blow the cover of the beautiful blonde who plays a bi-polar CIA agent in the popular Showtime drama series.

Claire Danes, who is traveling with her two-year-old son Cyrus, is married to British actor Hugh Dancy who does not appear to be accompanying her at this stage. Last Monday she was seen having lunch at Harbour House, an iconic seafood restaurant in the picturesque Kalk Bay working harbor in False Bay. The following day, a radio DJ, Seano Loots saw her on the escalator he was using in a mall in Sea Point on the Atlantic Coast. He reported that she had her little boy with her and was clearly heading into Checkers, a very ordinary supermarket chain store. He maintained that she gave him a typical Carrie Mathison (her screen name) look that indicated she thought someone was following her! She also gave him half a smile. The same day several people tweeted that they had seen her in a yoga class in Cape Town.

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Ten Injured in Peru as Drunk Amateur Matadors Fight Angry Bull [Video]


drunk amateur matadors
Bullfights remain popular, though controversial, throughout Peru. They are generally held in a safely fenced off arena or proper stadium like the one pictured above.
An amateur bullfight in Peru has left at least ten people injured after amateur matadors, some of whom were drunk, attempted to prove their bravery by fighting the angry bull. The incident, which was captured on video and posted on YouTube, took place on Sunday in a village in the Ayacucho region of Hyamanga Province at the end of the annual Senor Espiritu Santo (Lord Holy Spirit) Festival.
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And just for fun, the translation courtesy Google Translate of an original version of the story that features drunk amateur matadors:

Drunk Amateur Matadors

“A celebration of the bull rope in a village in Peru nearly ended in tragedy. One attendee, an irresponsible act, untied the rope that protected the public and let the morlaco released. Since then the beast roamed freely through the makeshift arena leaving behind a trail of romps.

“Despite the amount of caught, only ten wounded. Many of them suffered from loose animal, and the public jumped into the ring to help fallen and drag the first security zone. The vast majority, however, escaped without major problems.

“This bullfight marks the end of each year the Lord Holy Spirit festival in the department of Ayacucho in Peru, where locals come in a makeshift arena to show courage against an angry bull.”

Click here to see the video.

Experience the Thrill of the Big Five at Tangala

A young male leopard seen close up at Tangala

If You Want to See The Big Five Close Up and Personal, This is One Camp You Don’t Want to Miss

Game viewing is an essential ‘must-do’ for most people visiting South Africa, and a fundamental experience that locals shouldn’t miss.

However, the question is where, and how, to see a good range of African animals in an authentic environment, away from the frequent madding crowds of tourists.

Tangala Private Camp

There are many choices, but having discovered one of the country’s best-kept secrets, Tangala Private Camp in the south of Thornybush Game Reserve in Limpopo Province, it’s a choice I would make over and over again.

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A Green-Built Home is the Best

Buildings are said to be the biggest source of greenhouse gases in North America, not vehicles. Additionally, the building industry has been accused of being the largest contributor to global warming worldwide. With this knowledge firmly entrenched, a growing body of individuals, organizations and governments are taking a down-to-earth (literally) commonsense approach to the design, construction and operation of buildings, from humble cottages to skyscrapers – and encouraging all of us to go green.

But do you know why you should be aiming to build or buy a green-built home?

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