Jan 232015
Cashew Chicken in a Sola Wok

The First Wok-Cooked Meal in My Sola Challenge Though I’ve never been to Thailand, I am totally sold on Thai cooking. I’ve always enjoyed eating Thai food, but the challenge of cooking it only goes back about five years when a friend returned from a holiday in Thailand and shared her experiences gained in a […]

Sep 192014
Thai-Style Sweet and Sour Pork

Quite different to popular Chinese-style sweet and sour pork, this Thai take on sweet and sour is a quick and easy stir fry that will have people coming back for second helpings. Although the ingredients call for fresh pineapple, you can sweeten the dish with tinned fruit, or by increasing the quantity of sugar called for. You […]

Jun 222014
Tangy Thai Meatballs With Coconut Rice and Peanut Sauce

Having grown up in a home where my British-South African grandmother was queen of the kitchen, meatballs were just an ordinary dish – tasty, but ordinary. And they weren’t on the menu very often. I don’t cook them often either, unless they are part of a themed dish of some sort, in this instance Thai, […]